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Marketing Your Business On Craigslist – Part 2

  To maintain the familiar look-and-feel of a local online ad network, CL takes great pains to limit overzealous posting by commercial marketers. One of the biggest challenges for business marketing is getting as many impressions as possible without being tagged as spam. Remember, … Continue reading

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Marketing Your Business On Craigslist – Part 1

Craigslist (CL) continues to be one of the best websites for online classifieds, with an amazing 12 billion page views per month! It’s available in over 550 cities (worldwide) and continues to be free for all services other than job … Continue reading

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So You Want To Grow Your Business

Whether you’ve been in business a few weeks or a few years, nearly everyone wants to grow their business. Even though many business owners consider ‘growth’ to mean increasing top-line revenues the first step should always be to get your gross margins and overhead costs under control. Otherwise … Continue reading

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‘Marketing’ is not ‘Sales’

So many times I hear small business owners speak of ‘marketing and sales’ as if they are the same thing. Apparently for some people anything not directly related to making the product is lumped under the category of  ‘marketing and sales’. … Continue reading

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