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Growing Revenue Without Increasing Headcount

Conventional wisdom says that to grow a business means spending more on marketing (to generate more leads) and hiring more sales people (to close more deals). But what if we can increase revenues without hiring more people? What if we … Continue reading

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4 Types of Lead Management Campaigns

Lead Management is an exciting new area that allows you to get the most revenue out of your hard-earned marketing leads. It is based on a series of customized  ‘touches’ (email, letters, etc) that educate and inform your leads so when they have a buying … Continue reading

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Just What Is SALES 2.0?

Sales 2.0 is all about breaking down the walls between marketing and sales. It is about using customer-focused methodologies along with product-enhancing technology. It’s about working with customers who are more informed than ever and turned off by old-school selling.    … Continue reading

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Lead Nurturing Tools for Higher-Quality Sales Leads

In today’s economy, it’s critical that all leads are followed-up appropriately, nurtured along until they are ready to buy, and then efficiently handed over to your sales team to close. According to the Sales Lead Management  Association (SLMA), 69% of  small businesses fail to qualify … Continue reading

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Why Your Business Needs a CRM Database

One of the many challenges facing small businesses is keeping track of their customers, prospects, and vendors.  In this economy, customers are  spending less and taking longer to make buying decisions. Today’s CRM solutions allow you to keep track of  all your critical relationships, especially your sales leads, ensuring you get … Continue reading

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New B2B Marketing/Sales Trends

To survive this difficult business environment, businesses cannot continue doing what they’ve always done in the past. Marketing and sales are now being forced to ‘do more with less’ due to reduced staffing and budget cuts. Here are some of … Continue reading

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