Just What Is SALES 2.0?

Sales 2.0 is all about breaking down the walls between marketing and sales. It is about using customer-focused methodologies along with product-enhancing technology. It’s about working with customers who are more informed than ever and turned off by old-school selling.   

Still a little fuzzy? Maybe it’s easier to explain it relative to Sales 1.0

In Sales 1.0 marketing used mass-marketed direct-mail campaigns. They handed out lots of glossy brochures and had very little data to justify their effectiveness at generating leads. Their sales team relied on personal relationships (and their Rolodex) to generate leads, they played lots of golf, and made cold calls when necessary to meet quota.

Contrast that to Sales 2.0 where marketing and sales collaborate as a single unit utilizing the latest web technologies. Prospects find you and research your product/service – sometimes before you even know about it. Selling now follows a process of providing information to prospects that helps them through the buying cycle – smoothly and quickly. Web technology is used to track who is looking for your product/service, how they actually found you, what information they downloaded, and how they would like to proceed.

Your marketing team now has data to measure how successful each campaign really was and can optimize for better performance. Prospects are nurtured along (using marketing automation tools) until they have an actual buying opportunity and then handed over to the proper sales rep to close.

Some of the web technologies used in Sales 2.0 include …

and many, many, many more!

Other good references to help explain Sales 2.0 include;

– Steve (www.SPMsolutions.NET)

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