Basic SEO Strategies You Should Be Using – Part 1


Google SEO

The Holy Grail of website performance is to come out on top of a Google search (90% of searches are done on Google) when your prospective customers are ready to buy and are looking for your product or service.  

This goal is so sought-after that it has spawned a whole industry of so-called ‘SEO experts’ who claim to know the secrets of SEO optimization and, for a small fee, can guarantee that you come out on top of a Google search. You certainly can’t blame people for all the interest since there is a reported 400 million searches done every day!

 The truth about SEO seems to be that the specifics of Googles’s search algorithm are so well protected, and constantly changing, that any attempts at exploiting them will (at best) be temporary. Google is constantly updating their algorithm specifics so any attempt to exploit them will certainly lead to changes to elminate any unfair advantages.

So what should business owners know and understand about SEO to make sure their websites get their fair share of the search engine results? First throw out any idea of trying to use any ‘secrets’ to gain a competitive advantage. It is a waste of time and money, and any gains are only temporary until Google catches on and changes things. Let’s get real – there aren’t any real secrets in this world-wide-web. In fact, Google will tell the basics of what you need to do to come up on their search engines (see the links below) so why not play by their rules?

The best approach is to simply follow the basic objectives of all search engines – that is to 1) provide the user with websites that are most relevant to their search criteria, 2) list websites that are content-rich and 3) only suggest websites that seem to be popular among others who have searched for similar items.

So there you have it. Create a site that has clear keyword descriptions, has lots of valuable content and is popular within the web community (e.g. lots of links to it). That’s great for a general statement but what should you do or have your webmaster do?

In Part 2 of this post I’ll explain the 4 basic strategies you (or your webmaster) should be implementing. Basically you should;

  1. Know and Use Your Keywords
  2. Make Your Website Search Engine Friendly
  3. Ensure Your Website Has Valuable Content
  4. Let the Search Engines Know You Are There

To better understand what Google uses for it’s search engine you might as well go to the source (i.e. Google). Here are a few good links for background reading.

     Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

     Google Webmasters/Site Owners Guide

 – Steve   (www.SPMsolutions.NET)

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