Does Your Website Allow You to ‘Be Found’?

So how do you know if your website is effective at allowing people to find you when they are on-line and searching? Well, there is certainly the technical approach using web analytics to track how many visitors you get, which keywords people use to find you, how long they stay on your site and which pages they visit. This is the best approach but the job of a internet marketing expert or business coach. Alternatively, you can try this simple non-technical approach and evaluate your website effectiveness yourself.

First you need to determine the top phrases that people might use to find you. This is a little tricky since not everyone thinks alike so it’s always best to come up with your best guess and then ask others what they might use. Without making this process too complicated and time-consuming, I’d suggest the following strategy.

  1. First determine the top 3 (multi-word) phrases that new prospects might use to find a business like yours (in your same city) with similar types of products and services .
  2. Next determine the top 2 (multi-word phrases that your current customers might use if they were searching the web to find you (hopefully to refer you to someone else).

This will give you five key-word search-phrases to test out using the top search engines.

For example if you are a local dentist you might use;

  1. “dentist family san jose”
  2. “dentist invisalign san jose”
  3. “dentist braces blueshield san jose”
  4. “dr smith dentist san jose”
  5. “my smile dentistry san jose”

Or if you are a local restaurant you might come up with;

  1. “italian food san jose”
  2. “italian restaurant romantic san jose”
  3. “italian lasagna san jose”
  4. “original luigi’s san jose”
  5. “luigi’s reservations san jose”

Now go ahead and enter these ‘key-word’ search phrases in the top search engines and see how you come out. Luckily, the top three sites account for over 85% of the internet searches.


So did you or your business show up as expected? Ignore any ‘sponsor links’ or ‘shopping cart’ sites since these are usually paid for. Did you show up on the first page? Did you show up at all? If not, you should consider having someone investigate your site to see if it contains the right key words and is search engine optimized (SEO). If people can’t find you (when they are actually looking for you on-line) then your website is ineffective and should be improved. Otherwise you may not be achieving your true business potential. 

For more info on SEO you might <try this post>.

– Steve   (www.SPMsolutions.NET)

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